25U Noise Reduction Enclosure Rack Announced





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25U Noise Reduction Enclosure Rack Announced

GizMac Accessories Debuts a Taller XRackPro Rackmount Enclosure Cabinet at MacWorld


San Francisco, CA – January 11, 2006 – GizMac Accessories LLC, designer and manufacturer of innovative products for the Apple platform, announce the 25U XRackPro Noise Reduction Enclosure at the MacWorld Exposition today.

Building on their success with the 12U XRackPro Noise Reduction Enclosure cabinet for Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID systems, GizMac Accessories debuts their new 25U XRackPro.

The new 25U XRackPro, along with the current 12U model, are on display in booth #2211 at the MacWorld Expo. Visitors to the GizMac booth will be able to view both models, as well as their accessories, throughout the week.

“Our XRackPro reduces noise up to 75% when multiple pieces of equipment are mounted inside,” says Tim Cave, founder of GizMac, “The new 25U rackmount enclosure cabinet will have features and accessories similar to the current 12U model while providing more than twice the rack mount capacity.”

With the additional height the 25U XRackPro provides, there is room for numerous pieces of rackmount equipment inside. Apple Workgroup Cluster users will be able to install up to 25 Xserve servers inside the enclosure cabinet. Post production, graphics and other G5 workstation users can use up to 2 G5 towers plus a couple Xserve RAID systems inside the 25U XRackPro. For other users, various combinations of computers, storage and other equipment such as switches, battery backups, etc. can be placed inside.

Further details on the new 25U XRackPro rackmount noise reduction enclosure cabinet can be found on the GizMac Accessories web site, www.GizMac.com or on the XRackPro web site at www.XRackPro.com. Information can also be obtained by calling the Southern California corporate headquarters at (800) 475-1677.


About GizMac Accessories LLC

GizMac Accessories LLC, headquartered in the United States, designs and manufactures innovative “Gizmos for Your Lifestyle”. The GizMac team is dedicated to providing solutions and support for the Apple communities around the world.

Press Contact:

Ken Vitto

Director of Marketing

(310) 798-7879


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