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GizMac Accessories LLC Moves to Larger Facility

XRackPro2 and XtroVERT Rack Mount Enclosure Sales Increase, Company Moves to New Expanded Location

Torrance, CA – August 10, 2005 – GizMac Accessories LLC, designer and manufacturer of innovative products for the Apple platform, moves to a larger facility due to the increased demand for XRackPro2 and XtroVERT rack mount enclosures for the Apple Xserve server computer and Xserve RAID storage systems.

“The start of a new marketing campaign, combined with the launch of the XRackPro web site has increased activity significantly,” says Tim Cave, founder of GizMac, “We simply needed more space.”

XRackPro2 is the second generation rack mount enclosure cabinet designed to reduce noise and add mobility to Apple’s Xserve line of servers and RAID systems. Noise from rack mount equipment mounted inside the XRackPro2 will be reduced up to 75% while the heavy duty caster wheels provide a method for easily moving the rolling rack enclosure cabinet when needed.

XtroVert is a rack mount chassis that allows the Xserve RAID to stand vertically to become a desktop or deskside unit. Whether a complete rack system is not practical or the Xserve RAID needs to be moved closer to a computer, the XtroVERT is a cost effective solution.

XRackPro2 and XtroVERT rack mount enclosures are used in video and audio post production, film and broadcast applications, pre-press and graphics companies, health care and any other environment that needs noise reduction and/or flexibility of equipment location. Additional information on XRackPro2, XtroVERT and GizMac can be found on this new web site at Information can also be obtained by calling the Southern California corporate headquarters at (800) 475-1677


About GizMac Accessories LLC

GizMac Accessories LLC, headquartered in the United States, designs and manufactures creative and innovative products for the Apple platform. With over 35 combined years of Mac-centric product experience, the GizMac team is dedicated to providing solutions and support for the Apple communities around the world.


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