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GizMac Accessories XRackPro2 Noise Reducing Server Rack

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North American, reseller of the XRackPro2 quiet cabinet and Apple IT equipment.

Who is Small Dog Electronics?

The Company

Small Dog Electronics is an Apple Specialist and the number
one largest Apple Specialist in New England. We specialize in
all things Macintosh, iPad, iPhone and iPod, including Apple refurbished products. We are a socially responsible company with a multiple bottom line—our environment, community,
customers and employees are just as important as maintaining
our profitability.

Located in Waitsfield, Vermont, Small Dog Electronics has over fifty employees and retail stores located in Vermont and New Hampshire. We are a varied group of people but we have one thing in common: we love Macs.

"The XRackPro2 effectively cuts noise and manages
temperatures which enables us to deploy a number of XServe's directly in our retail showroom. We have relied
on these enclosures for a number of years."
- Morgan Aldridge

Veteran IT Professional
for Small Dog Electronics
Small Dog Electronics
South Burlington Store

100 Dorset Street
South Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 862-1316

"We have built a strong relationship with Small Dog Electronics over the years, they are truly a passionate bunch of Apple enthusiasts that know how to operate a quality business. What makes them unique is their commitment to enjoying their work which is highlighted in their weekly Tech Tails email. The email is filled with the latest Apple tips, product news and my favorite thing, a distinctly Vermont recap of all things Small Dog Electronics. Their expertise extends into all aspects of IT and our confidence in their ability to sell the XRackPro2 is unquestioned."

- Dominick Santos

Director of Sales for XRackPro


Small Dog Electronics on

Small Dog Electronics - Manchester Store

Mall of New Hampshire
1500 S. Willow Street, Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 836-0003
Small Dog Electronics - Waitsfield Store

1673 Main Street, Waitsfield, VT 05673
(800) 511-6227

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Server Rack • Noise Reduction Enclosure • XRackPro 12U • Noise Reducing Quiet Rack • 4U • Air Filtration • Security • Mobility • Computer Equipment Rack • 25U • Studio Equipment Rack
Environments that require low noise • 6U • Industry Standard 19 inch Rack • XRackPro2, 4 Post Rack • Reduce Noise up to 80% • Solution for Environments that Require Low Noise Levels

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