Server Rack 6U Rackmount Enclosure Cabinets Interior Features For Computer Servers, RAID Storage, Rack mount Systems Photo Gallery

XRackPro2 6U Server Rack

Rack Mount Noise Reduction Enclosure Cabinet

6U Photo Gallery

XRackPro2 6U Photo gallery
XRackPro2 6U Rack Platinum
XRackPro2 6U Rack Black

solutions for environments

that require low noise levels

Model Information
Model Information

Server Rack • Noise Reduction Enclosure • XRackPro 12U • Noise Reducing Quiet Rack • 4U • Air Filtration • Security • Mobility • Computer Equipment Rack • 25U • Studio Equipment Rack
Environments that require low noise • 6U • Industry Standard 19 inch Rack • XRackPro2, 4 Post Rack • Reduce Noise up to 80% • Solution for Environments that Require Low Noise Levels

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