XtroVERT Converts Apple Xserve RAID

into Deskside or Desktop Chassis

XtroVERT provides a secure platform to carry the 100-pound weight of a fully
loaded system. The design includes a special base plate that is coated to
prevent scratching of the Xserve RAID when it slides into place. A steel cover
provides protection, increased rigidity and a matching finished surface to the
main body of the RAID.

Apple's Xserve RAID is a physically beautiful unit, so it is critical that XtroVERT
echo the elegance of Apple's design. More importantly, XtroVERT's design has
to adhere to Apple's physical mounting specification.

The vibration dampening characteristics of Xserve RAID are important to its
noise reduction and error-free performance. Engineered with the Xserve RAID's needs in mind, the XtroVERT includes an integrated mounting system that
allows proper tensioning of the Xserve RAID's superstructure.

XtroVERT's 11" wide base helps prevent the RAID from tipping while rubber
strips running the length of the bottom of the pedestal, help protect furniture

from scratches and aid in isolating the unit from the vibrations inherent in
office working conditions.

With the freedom the XtroVERT provides, there are many more options to where
the Apple Xserve RAID can be placed. Video, film and audio editing, graphics,
prepress and many other applications will benefit from using the XtroVERT.

PRICE: $399.99

XtroVERT - Apple Xserve RAID Vertical Stand
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