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Acoustic Server Racks

XRackPro2 Acoustic Server Racks for Noise Reduction of Rack mount Computer Equipment

Acoustic server racks by GizMac, the product line XRackPro2, is specifically designed for reducing noise. XRackPro2 acoustic rack has been on the market for over 10 years. Acoustic rack mount enclosure cabinet design has been improved several times since its release.

XRackPro2 acoustic rack for a whisper quiet soundproof like noise reduction. The acoustic racks are available in 4U, 6U, 12U, 12U Studio and 25U models. The XRackPro2 Server Rack have special acoustic foam that is sound dampening and sound absorbing, giving you a virtually silent rack. Reducing noise in your environment and removing heat from your equipment, plus filtering the airflow are features of this quality acoustic server rack.
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Air Filter Set for 12U-STUDIO - 3 Sets
Our Price: $74.99
Air Filter Set for 12U-STUDIO - 3 Pack
Air Filter set for XRackPro 12U STUDIO rack mount cabinet enclosure 3 pack Please Note: Studio Filters are only for use with XRP2-STUDIO
XRackPro2 6U Rackmount Noise Reduction Enclosure Cabinet
Our Price: $999.99
Rackmount Enclosure Cabinet Server Rack 6U XRackPro2 Gray
XRackPro2 6U Noise Reduction Enclosure Rackmount Cabinet is a rackmount server rack inside enclosure cabinet from GizMac Accessories. Rackmount computer servers, RAID storage, network switches and routers, audio video gear and more become significantly quieter in this equipment rack system.
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