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Soundproof Server Room Enclosure Box

Mobile Server Room, Soundproof Enclosure

Soundproof Server Room Enclosure Box. Reduce your costs by using XRackPro2 to quiet your equipment instead of building a server room. No wasted space dedicated to your equipment. Keep your business, small or large office running, with a Mobile IT space solution. Much less setup time and budget required to have a Mobile Server Room that can be near employees and stay whisper quiet while keeping your equipment safe and cool..

Server racks XRackPro2 noise reducing 19" rackmount enclosure cabinet for computer or audo equipment. 19" rack mount computer server and storage network cabinet enclosure equipment systems. XRackpro2 19 inch rack mount enclosure server cabinet for computer, storage, network and audio video equipment.

Server Rack cabinet XRackPro from GizMac Accessories reduces noise, filters air, adds security and provides mobility. The XRackPro was designed for noise reduction primarily, but the additional features of air filtration, secured doors and caster wheel options gives many benefits while quieting sound. Enclosure cabinet rack mount cabinet XRack Pro2 can reduce noise over 80% while filtering air, securing equipment and being mobile.

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